1. Fire Suppression Panel

The Fire Suppression Panel is designated for fire protection, monitoring and control of systems for active extinguishing – gas, powder, aerosol, water, etc. After processing the signals from the automatic fire detectors and/or manual call points the Control Panel makes commands to the executive devices for extinguishing, sound-light signalers, air conditioning and ventilation devices, etc. The Control Panel could exchange data with a repeater, PC or another intelligent device via RS 485 interfaces.

–Two Conventional Zones
– Three releasing agent outputs
– 16×2 LCD Display
– Support up to 3100 events log storage
– RTC Support (Real Time Clock)
– MODBUS output for BMS interface
– Expandable RAC outputs through RS485 repeater panel

2. Smoke + Heat Detectors

Smoke and heat detectors are sensors you will want to add to any system. These devices let a panel know if there is a fire in the building. An activated smoke and heat detector will cause an instant alarm. Your system will take action based on your monitoring plan. Buy smoke and heat detectors here.

– Detects Smoke + Heat
– Heat triggering level:- 65°C / 78°C / 110°C
– Versatile input voltage range:- 9VDC to 31VDC
– LPCB Approved
– Attractive Design